Baton Rouge Air Conditioning Company gives tips to a Local Santa Barbara Company!

A Local Baton Rouge Air Conditioning Company gives some tips to a Local Santa Barbara Company!

Air conditioner units fall under the essential maintenance works that you should do at home on a monthly basis. This becomes a great opportunity to prepare for summer since you don’t want your unit to fail when summer time comes. Additionally, this will improve the working of the unit, and we have to look into ways we can prepare for this. So, what can you do?

The following are the tips from this Baton Rouge Air Conditioning Company to maximize air conditioning repair!

Examine the outdoor condensing unit, you should ensure that the unit doesn’t have any obstacles that can block it. Impediments like gardening components, weeds or high grasses should be eliminated from the system.This aims at ensuring that air is drawn into the system efficiently to enable the cooling of the machine. It should, therefore, circulate well in the unit without any hindrance. Conduct a test run During spring times, it is recommended that you put on your unit and let it run for an hour. This will signify to you any part of the machine that might not be working well so that you can contact a technician to repair it. Change the air filter because filthy filters tend to destroy your system unit’ energy efficiency. Also, the evaporator of the unit can ice over if the filter is dirty. It is thus recommended that you fix a permanent filter that only requires cleaning instead of replacing it every time. Thermostat You should as well check and set the thermostat of the unit in the cooling mode. You can set the cooling mode for various times of the day if the unit thermostat is not programmable. Coils and pipes They should be regularly checked for possible leaks. You should inspect your system to identify where the leak might be coming from by utilizing fluorescent dye or electronic methods. All this entirely aims at reducing the effect leakages have on the heat. Fans and blowers If the system’s fans and blowers are no longer working, cool air will not be released. This is because the heated air cannot be shed by the broken blowers and fans and hence leading to overheating problems. Additionally, various components such as coolant variety that need to be looked at. They simply require a consistent maintenance and check on a monthly basis so that you’ll be ready for summer time. ¬†Alpha Air has been doing¬†air conditioning in Baton Rouge houses for over 20 years!

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We are open for business!

We are open for business!

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